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I can't see the road - but the correct path have already chosen

June 02, 2017
Behold The Grave - The Path Of The Blind

Icebergs and fjords breathed out the northern winds, which, carried over the seas and oceans, were embodied in Behold The Grave - The Path Of The Blind !
Beginning with an intruding fog, Tha Chair Of Redemption then embracing the all-powerful power, but turns into the rushing drive, combining screaming and growling in vocal parties.
Full Of Black Venom combines pulsating rhythm with the fascinating melody. The growling vocals prevails, occasionally being supplemented with inclusions of screaming. Instrumental sound image have shrouded with mythical idea.
Modern sounding, changeable rhythm and complement with clean and harsh vocals appeals to youth feelings and tastes with The Meaning Of Hate song.
So clear, dense and hard rhythm leads Endless War Serpents along the path of a confident and hard drive, from time to time, supplemented by rapid rushes, but keeping melody and clarity on the forefront.
The leitmotif pierces Absolution Of Sinergy like a sharp spear, changing and shimmering in various shades.
A significant, solemn march Battle Of The Annex turns into the ragged broken rhythm, enveloping the eastern and northern folklore motifs.
Beginning with ritual incantations, Over Altars Of Dogma raises the main motif to the heavenly spaces, carrying the solemn banner through the clouds. Vocal screaming alternates with growling.
Without the slightest introduction, the vocal immediately rushes into Unborn song, again alternating between screaming and growling.
A World Apart main motive immediately captivates with an exciting melody, developing it with alternating vocal parts. Then in the chorus the tempo slows down, after which the growling comes to the fore.
The title track The Path Of The Blind brings the album closer to completion. Strictly, clearly, confidently and rhythmically driving so thoughtful foggy gloomy melody into the minds of listeners.
Solitude Of The Burial completes the album, combining fast, fast jerks with scrambling and hard, clear and rhythmic breaks with growling, sometimes combining them in a single stream