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Release yourself from shores or restraints of burdensome order!

June 01, 2017
Final Curse - Unbinding

Rage, anger and bitter indignation breaks out in Final Curse - Unbinding songs, rebelling and demanding to change the order!
Confidently, stubbornly and unswervingly, Angels Born Of Demon Seeds spreads waves of concentrated, concentrated rage in the radiations of an ineradicable drive. Hardly hammering tough rhytmic pattern in intro, then changes into rapid swift rushes, that turns in riggid harsh vocals phrases.
Mystery enfolds mysteriously from Contract With The Devil introduction, then the music mysteriously and jokingly intrigues with the fog of changeable and peculiar melodious decisions, intermingling so furious and indignant drive with soft and gentle guitar breaks.
Hammering tough march Slice Of Life confidently, inexorably and persistently advances along the chosen path, the vocal begins ingratiatingly and seductively, then cunningly and insidiously enveloping by vocal phrases with the shades of doubt and distrust.
Furious drive without any delay brakes into impetuous impulsive rush of Definition Of Insanity, vocal speeches tend to catch up with instrumental rabies, pacifying and subordinating it in bridges and choruses with sort of recitative.
Visually, gloomily and heavily, Tomb plunging us into the darkness of cemetery gloom and ghosts in every shadow in the chorus, dances around with gloomy vocal phrases waltzing with malicious spirits and evil beings in demonic dances.
Sharply, torn and tearfully The Viglant completes the album with pulsating waves of changeable rhythm, subordinating vocal parts to instrumental passages.