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New World is coming - get ready to accept or refuse it

June 03, 2017
Deus Ex Machina (SWI) - A New World To Come

Ancient motifs, faded dreams creating the legend about Deus Ex Machina (SWI) - A New World To Come , describing in the melodies and musical impressions their visions of the future achievements.
The title track A New World To Come begins the album, creating an intrigue by a mysterious introduction, changing into an harsh, impetuous narrations, that alternates swift rushes and restrained, rhythmic power parts. In the middle, power and drive creeps, arranging respite and the opportunity for thoughtful reflection, bringing the epic component to the forefront of the musical image.
The epic and gloomy composition Home creates an image of a cosmic ballad, combining in dance of changes dark motives and impulses of passionate inspiration surrounding changes.
Motives for future space travels sweeps through spaces, without feeling neither time nor distance. Then Unfaithful Whispers slows down the tempo of the music, vocal phrases place the pieces on the board for the next instrumental break, replacing it with their reflections. In the chorus vocal styles arranges extravaganza of their shades!
Exploding with burst of rapid unrestrained power, combining screaming and growling vocal styles, Human Savior turns into a persistent rhythmic narrative, clearly and stubbornly paving the way to a melodic and exciting chorus, marching stubbornly under the winds of majestic keyboard passages.
So soft, gentle, restrained melody envelops the fetters of its branches, uniting us into single entity with legend about Chrysalis. This charming and inspirational ballad, combines in vocal shades as dreamy note of clean style, so fascinating screaming and powerful and restrained growling. But the magnificent sensual main motive creates the indestructible enchanting base for these delights.
After a thoughtful and dreamy ballad Dualism takes us into the expanses of an unrestrained and stunning drive, arranging melodious mysterious respites before the subsequent violent rushes. After an introductory break, sensual and solemnly preparing for My Lament (Before The Disaster) rushes into the fast verse, emotionally and sensitively reflecting in the bridge after it. In the chorus, the confession of the vocals comes to the forefront, combining the phrases of screaming and growling - even clean style, above them lie soft and dreamy keybords notes. The dreamy keyboard passage rises with the banner of the final procession, predetermining the solemn mourning march in the beginning of the next composition Shadows From The Past. It extols the significant, eternal and long-standing motifs under the clouds, to the rays of the sun, starting with a proud march, as if honoring the memory of ancestors. Then rapid, frenzied burst of energy - and again the leisurely and rhythmic reverence for the ancestors.
Born completes the album, giving an addition to the veneration and exaltation of ancient legends. For vocal changes female vocal phrases have added. The honorus and significant march becomes almost as anthem, indicating - that nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten