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Hope and life are eternal companions

April 09, 2022
Nihilo - Dum Spiro Spero

After announcing and arguing with the Intro funeral chime, uncompromisingly, persistently and urgently, the On The Brink erupts in a whirlwind of piercing fury, complementing the musical frenzy with alternating vocal styles of screaming, harsh and growling, opening the book of a musical fairy tale of the Nihilo - Dum Spiro Spero album. The vocals appeal continues the musical narrative of the concept album, bringing the vocal narrative to the forefront of the Infected musical image, complementing it with the twilight mystery of instrumental bridges.
The hum and howl of guitar hatred spirals the Last Man Standing musical narrative, combined with a majestic march of musical change coupled with vocal ascension. Progressive sophistication of musical artistry weaves the charm of the Risen From The Ashes musical palette together with vocal inspiration.
Viscous, painful and unhurried, the Death Swamp composition rolls out the musical canvas for a swift and cocky race of musical drive, together with the Homicidal Pleasures vocals rebellion, continuing the gloomy and gloomy procession of the Lethargy dark anthem, anticipating and preparing for the Shields Of Justice battle march, anticipating the epic saga of the Dum Spiro Spero title track with a valiant unity of melody and drive album, which creates his most significant musical symbolism.