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This ceremony is secret and hidden

April 09, 2022
Silent Wedding - Ego Path

The musical mystery of The Eternal Enigma intro weaves an enchanting atmosphere for the further development of the musical narrative of the The Silent Wedding - Ego Path album, embodied in the further musical essence of the Time of Darkness composition, together with the vocal invocations, creating a gothic atmosphere that foreshadows the whirlwinds of the musical mystery of The Sea of Fate song, wrapping around the vocal reflections.
After the mystery of the intro, the Caught in the Web music rushes in support of the vocal expectations, accompanying the inspired ascension in anticipation of the Reveal the Rain enchanting musical changes in the progressive charm of musical mystery in combination with the insistence of the musical drive, more rhythmically and densely embodied in the sound of the Sinners in Disguise song, complemented by the symphonic charm of the keyboard passages and the mystery of the vocals. omens.
The musical fairy tale raises the enchanting banners of the Stealing the Sun musical ballad, anticipating the progressive epic and mysterious sound of the Point of No Return musical composition, weaving the lace of a musical riddle around the vocal instructions before the incarnation of the final clue in The Final Token vocal confession.
The music paves the way for further vocal prominence in the Ethereal Walls epic saga, complete with the dreamlike nuances of the Song of the Dead battle march-tinged score and A Path to Nowhere album's final instrumental ballad.