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Take your portion of today's distortion

December 26, 2016
Corona Skies - Fragments Of Reality

We will investigate slowly, meticulously, one by one, from all possible side Corona Skies - Fragments Of Reality !
Majestic and ecstatic, and ministering heralds announce the grand cortege procession with their Rite Of Passage.
Big Boys' Blues rushes impetuously having fun without restraint, keyboard passages hovering like clouds over this cavalcade, this is followed with thoughtful instrumental party, vocal story settles and pays his antics ... at 6 years old! You can't refuse that.
Buzzing like swarm of angry insects The Social Network directs our attention to the imperfection of society, bringing together in the dance of the two vocals and vortexes of guitars competitions many aspects and nuances of problem that was signed.
Romantic addictive melody Falling Sky carries away, leaving no doubt, and the possibility of avoiding this passion or ability to alter that desire. Starting as a lyrical ballad, then swirling covers with its sound all of the expanses, which can not avoid becoming a victim of the Fallen Heaven.
Rage and carelessness are combined into a sparkling leche rabies by joining in the foam flow heady depraved impulses of alcoholic intoxication, that was carried by Delirium Disco!
Rock'n'roll spirit sweeps over the business centers and offices as youth wind and medicine against wrinkles. That's good idea - the greatest way to prepare Business Suits You for the future work!
Joyful and cheerful memories overflowing to the brim, the thirst for new challenges completed short precise phrase - before the new entertainment, Summer Bum calls and lures, casting aside the rest.
Refracts by many factors, starts with romantic ballad turns into the nervous stories, The Sea Of My Mediocrity owerflows all reasons and weak minds - it have to become understood, with experience and become aware of impact of its features caused by its fragment.
Gutar strings accepts gentle fingering to create so soft and calm tune, which turns into so calm and delicate ballad Only The Gods Are Lonely, that leads entire artwork to the end.