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Have to start attack - are you agree or not?

April 09, 2017
Primal Attack - Heartless Oppressor

Severe, fierce attack of the Primal Attack - Heartless Oppressor stabs and enslaves, but have to strive for the much-much for more! "!
Fury, brought up by expectation Red Silence, exudes an angry drvies all of us in the single stream.
Violent motives, not forbidden by any obstacle, slowly but surely recreate Halfborn. Next, powerful and confident passages exacerbate! Harsh, powerfully - hardly, mighty! Hard, powerfully comprehensive The Prodigal One throws all of us into the heat of battle, breaking the sweat of addiction with our perception. Power and fury accompanies with the confident pace of their uncertain journey.
Confidence goes on just as fiercely and thoughtfully to lead the motive, combining fiercely and furiously 1 amidst its impulses! The thought creeps in thoughtfully and vigorously, creeps up - then the vocal growth is embodied among the Strike Back fade away and die - if you've discouraged bu that stream!
Drive and anger embocies amongst the Heart and Bones. Power, rage and density despises anger and impressionability - so drives comes nack as well! Solo elevates the musical image above a fierce battle - but back! Power and fury does not come off, refracts all our thoughts in its rigid current - Hypersonic Generation breaks through all our doubts! No other way! Rigidly, separately and unconditionally Above the Line will carry his changing picture through the space of unexpected perception. Modern oyuraz this style, I would have nailed! All's well Power and fury does not let go, refracts and earns!! Vital, mediating the power of XXI Century Curse completes the album, much without caring about decency. The vocals alternate with purity and mysterious phrases. BUT the POWER CREATES!