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Fairy tales exist even in the abyss of eternity

April 10, 2017
Sincreation - Endtime Fairytales

No one can foresee the end of human existence, no one expects - but after it Sincreation - Endtime Fairytales will remains forever and ever!
Violent gusts of waves of power and anger creeps in a gloomy twilight while title track Endtime Fairytales drives all of us in the single stream, replacing fast impulses with confident, persistent rhythmic passages. Vocal also changes from stern growl to dreamy phrases of clear style.
The two-way Freefall stream tends to advance, alternately demonstrating the two sides of its essence - a furious indignation, with rough growling and romantic dreaminess, with emotional clean and piercing screaming vocals.
Inspirational romance Mustamaalaus, embracing the main motive with its invisible influence, creates a sad twilight mist, enveloping the sadness of the unrealized fantasies and the melancholy of lost opportunities.
Gloomy, broken and mesmerizing motive Of Monsters And Men starts with growling then brings clean vocal to the fore. The rhythmic fairy tale continues these changes from monster to man further - harsh growling in the verse, dreamy clean vocal in the melodic and captivating chorus.
Rhythmic march proudly hammering steps in road stones dramatically and solemnly continuing its Fall Of Troy passage through the darkness of the past times and fog of the forgotten ages.
Vortices of so furious, energetic drive Existential Emptiness are hovering around the solid axis, creating a tunnel of changeable images. Vocal combines screaming and growling, in a single image of the verse. Solemn march proudly and pathos completes the composition.
Dense, powerful and energetic rhythm riffs accompany the sublime and a great guitar solo in the Colossal introduction, and then providing a basis fiercely verse that combines screaming and growling vocals. Rhythmic bridge prepares before the pressure of the next verse and before the dreamy chorus with clean vocals and exiting guitar break. Guttural growling combines with piercing screaming after that, turning the composition into a solemn and proud march before the next chorus.
Ornate, diverse melodies are surrounded by phrases of pure vocals, creating a bright, sparkling Universus sound image, glittering in the solemn sophistication and luxurious furnishings of unimaginable spaces, the melody then supports screaming and growling vocals by its charming sound. Then the magic charm turns into a charming, fascinating tranquility of the instrumental part, supporting a quiet muffled tale with a quiet tranquil guitar fingering, completing the composition and album with the solemn march.