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One shot - one hit... where's my next mug of beer?!

April 08, 2017
Brewtality - Giant Dose

Holidays with friends in a long list of pubs and bars provides to drink so Brewtality - Giant Dose , that  can't become as overdose!
So quick, unsophisticated and persistent drive takes Candy in the mop of his movement, without restraint and without the slightest shame.
The spirit of the wild west recreates the heroic atmosphere while tells Shut Up (I Love You), raising the usual everyday phenomena. Vocal elevates its timbre as high as possible, under the clouds - directly into the sun's rays.
American traditions continue to sound the musical image, Back On Track intransigently and obstinately carries its musical banner on the race track, calling for maximum speed. The Lovestick Jungle story of the girls, their features, different looks and all sorts of personal tricks. All thoughts about this, nothing else matters! Starting mysterious and gloomy whirlwind of musical intrigue Don't Tell Me сontinues aі stubborn drive, artlessly and directly moving along the well-trodden road.
Bass solo starts Nighttime Business story, Spoiling the emotional vocal history. Then the other instruments are connected, the vocal picks up the timbre and the emotional component increases to the top value.
A busy, hard working week appeals to a worthy, curious and relaxing rest, in a strained but very encouraging manner demanding to take out For A Weekend.
An ornate, pensive, diverse ballad Not Another pensively and variatively voices its doubts.
Sometimes Love Must Hurt again takes us to the wide steppe open spaces, throwing a desert wind into the face of a handful of sultry sand. Well, we'll straighten out the stetson, tighten the bolo - and go ahead, Bolivar!
Raid takes the furious gallop forward, swiftly leading away Out Of Sight. We escape, we hide, we are saved - all further and further.
Dancing gaily, Devil's Temptation talks about fictitious horrors, sitting near the flame of the campfire. Among the friends of the horror stories, it's more interesting to listen than to experience it on your own skin.
A cheerful, dancing music, and uncertain, doubtful vocal phrases combines together in the Man On The Mars. Nevertheless, this is encouraging and gives the flash of braveness.
Unbridled joy of Happy Whores completes the album with joyful fervor, noisy fun ... neighbors have a headache and they can not fall asleep? Well, let them move to the suburbs!