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Is that tower the lighthouse or the all-seeing eye of the evil sorcerer?

January 20, 2018
Ancient Empire - The Tower

The enchanting epic instrumental arcade majestically and proudly begins the title track of Ancient Empire - The Tower album, then complementing it with a fast race of the rhythm section and emotional vocal phrases.
The swift drive is replaced by a thoughtful march Endless Curse which puts thoughts and doubts in the middle tempo, developing the main motive in meditation and anxiety.
Combining drive, anxiety and presentiments View From Up Here unites in a single musical stream an anxious anticipation and and majestic motivation for the upcoming challenges.
Ancient legends proudly and meaningfully appeal to the concentration of the quintessence of attention in the In The Land Of The Damned introduction, then the narrator expounds the history of us, interlacing the words with the majestic ornaments of guitar passages. In the instrumental part, the tempo rises in a fast race for unrestrained guitar solos, after which it again returns to the fundamentals laid down in the introduction.
A wonderful fairy tale about incomparable battles begins enthusiastically in the introduction, then rhythmically and confidently the epic legend rolls by the proud waves of drive.
The gloomy atmosphere of dark enchantments envelops the Darker Side Of Midnight with doubts and horror, but a bright stream of drive raises hope over this frightening haze, taking away on its wings the mind in the distance to the light. Then, with concentration and confidence, the hero expounds his way of overcoming these spells and spells, completing his ideas with a guitar solo.
A dense, confident drive raises proudly flashing flags over knights detachment led by Yesterday's Hero who has not yet revealed all his skills and abilities. He still remained hidden talents? unused tricks and untapped techniques!
Soft guitar fingering envelops the Dawn Of Forever with the veil of romantic atmosphere, bard sensually and confidently celebrates past events, creating a lyrical intrigue in the charming atmosphere of the forthcoming majestic narration enveloping the vocal phrases with the bright and solemn atmosphere of the epic saga.
Creating a lyrical atmosphere in the introduction enveloping the guitar fingering with the atmosphere of keyboards passages and turning it into a wonderful solo electric guitar The Last Sunset completes these epic tales so meaningfully and unforgettably.