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Have to drink that healing potion - to escape from the funeral torture

April 13, 2017
WinchesteR - Funebre Tortura

Darkness and horror creeps from all sides, entangling with its dark tentacles of impenetrable fog, not allowing neither escape nor hide - this is WinchesteR - Funebre Tortura at that cemetery!
The intriguing introduction Manifiesto Siniestro (Intro) with high and piercing guitar solo creates the basis for curiosity.
Church chants, viscous guitar riffs and gloomy music creates dark haze of Divina Doctrina fog, the vocals combine bred screaming and dry growling in a single stream of their phrases, accompanied by a sharp and jerky rhythm guitar, sometimes supplemented by hints of bass and the output of guitar solo from the shadows.
A clear, dense, measured title track Funebre Tortura rhythm is sure and unquestionably moving along the chosen path without distracting from even the slightest concern from extraneous, unimportant things.
Oscuros Encantos continues a clear and confident rhythmic procession, initially replacing it with drowsiness and stiffness. But in the instrumental solo, the sharp sharpness is picked up on the wings of the phantom demon, passing through the limits and spaces, transferring to the sharp and impetuous tunes in Vivir Entre Sombras sound image, quickly and swiftly rushing through the usual everyday problems. In the chorus, the clarity of the rhythm is hardened, culminating in a sublime guitar solo hanging over the entire sound picture like a sword of Damocles. But - it ends with the same rapid spurts. But the memorable, inspired and mysterious Post Mortem (Outro) guitar solo completes these zealots.
Guitar riffs soars higher and higher, like an alarmed flock of disturbed ghosts, raising the Scriptum Tenebris sound above the clouds. Esclavos Del Mundo densely, rigidly and gloomily rolled by waves of a black fog, creating a gloomy and impenetrable atomosphere.
The rhythm is sharply tranforms in the Alimentados Por La Ira the rapid guitar passages create a round dance of sharpened blades.
Verse of Filosofia Culta thickens the paints, gloomily and unhurriedly obscuring everything around with its dismal trend, chorus concentrates the musical component around the phrases, combining them in a gloomy tale.
The album ends with a variety in its gloomy and evil appearance, an instrumental composition Averno (Instrumental) that carries all of us to the dark and mystical realm.