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There's the fine legend - about the lord of desert and sand

April 14, 2017
Mastodon - Emperor of Sand

Legends, fairy tales and beliefs of ancient and modern peoples are collected in a wonderful and fascinating musical artwork - that's Mastodon - Emperor of Sand album!
From the gloomy fog that envelops surrounding beings with mysterious darkness of Sultan's Curse verse. The marvelous and charming melody of the chorus rises to the sun, granting flashes of hope and enlightenment.
Show Yourself sounds from the very first notes of an obsessive, confident drive. Then the music takes on gloomy shades, changing the mood of the vocal phrases - and these transformations repeats again and again.
Sadness and melancholy with meditative motives capture their influence into Precious Stones, capturing by dark whirlwinds in the dance of ancient ghosts.
The rattle of marvelous, enigmatic mechanisms begins Steambreather fairy tale. Southern motifs encompass the streams of steam, whirling with so delightful guitar solos between the steps of an amazing creation, integrating with the emotions of vocal phrases.
Starting as furious rush of versus drive, Roots Remain turns into the fine delight of lyrical romantic tunes and enlighten vocal phrases while the chorus sounds.
Viscous, mysterious gloomy motives envelop the fog of viscous musical dust, swirling around Word to the Wise vocal stories, whirling and capturing in a tornado of consciousness.
Legend of Ancient Kingdom begins with a violent, crushing drumbeat, then the vocal phrases tend to escape from the dense fog of gloomy, mysterious music, whirling swirls of complex musical constructions around the ancient legends of vocal flashes.
The musical stream draws attention to the fog of mysterious melodies, capturing in a simpatic way in the mystery of Clandestiny charming intrigues, the vocal from the clean style changes from time to time into the harsh manner.
Mysterious motifs of remote cosmic spaces are added to the nebula Andromeda, the vocals gloomily and busily begin in the verse, then ascending to the transcendental delights, seeking to light and paradise of hiden universe.
Eastern folklore motifs are formed with a broken, changeable rhythm, changing into a complex and mysterious sounding composition. Vocal hardens to drive harsh, putting the power of your breath into gusts of Scorpion Breath wind.
Guitars fingering starts Jaguar God melancholy, continuing in the romance of a soft and gentle ballad. Then the music accelerates the rhythm and complements the sound with sharp, powerful guitar riffs, at the end of which inspired vocal phrases call to the ancient deity, uniting several vocal parts in a single stream. But the composition and the album as a whole come to an end with the same wonderful ballad.