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Have to chose your way

May 19, 2023
Fearmonger, 2023 -  Singularity

An explosion of violent musical rage leads the vocals anger of the Zenith of Existence song, which begins the musical narrative of the Fearmonger - Singularity album with a furious musical frenzy.
The musical mystery of the introduction envelops with an intriguing fog, but then the vocals with their violent anger call for an explosion of drive, rolling and varying then growling and screaming vocals in the symphonic charm of the Mechanic Convergence composition.
After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the vocals confidently and assertively come to the fore of the musical image of the Open the Gates song, preserving the musical style of the introduction as a musical leitmotif, then exploding in the violent fury of the irrepressible drive of the Measures introduction, which precedes the development of the musical idea in mysterious reflections with a muffled whisper, then marching in the rhythmic tread of the Mobilize assertive march, crowning the tread of musical beats with persistent vocals phrases.
The vocal part will confidently and excitingly lead The Final Frontier musical procession, leading rhythmic musical passages along the indicated path. Enveloping the twilight of forgotten fairy tales in the foggy procession of the introduction, The King composition will take you on a journey through the twilight dungeons of the mystical sacrament. The vocals lyrics of the storyteller are put forward to the forerunner of The Colossal Price of Hubris musical fairy tale, which concludes the album with the twilight mystery of forgotten legends.