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Have to choose correct spell to cast

February 03, 2017
Act of Sin - Casting The Second Stone

Gloomy cover intriguing and cheating at the same time - Act of Sin - Casting The Second Stone combines ancient legends with modern style of performance !
Gloomy intriguing intro of the Full Moon Rising envelops with the mysterious atmosphere, combining the sound of weeping melancholic violin with dark motives of support.
Powerful strikes concentrated gloom of darkness, embodying the legend of the Werewolf monster in a fierce drive of verses, dissipating it's grim energy with clear vocals phrases in bridges and chorus. In instrumental part of song guitar solo brings a portion of thrash for all of us!
Recitative vocals combined with minced rhythm of accompaniment during intro of Breaking Point, then accelerets narration for the verse and the sme manner in the chorus.
Whirl motifs takes in dancing from side to side rush in 6.2 melodies. Tossing from side to side, not looking for the easy way - going to the energetic and rhythmic sound and emotional clean vocals in the chorus.
Quickly and decisively blasting bright energetic drive in verse Broken Wing Syndrome changes in the chorus to the emotional lyrics.
Drive leads a sharp and nervous My Legacy history with fierce jerks, that have crowned by clean vocals phrases. But inheritance gloomy impenetrable shades thicken the atmosphere, powerful growl cries drives in the realm of darkness.
Starting with hustle, disputes, expletives Ten Yards, Eleven Bodies crushes in the crowd of its motives and tunes. Bursting in violent verse rushes, slowed down in the powerful and rhythmic welding of bars and phrases in bridges and chorus the whole album at all.