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Hate and anger can sweep away everything in the way

September 09, 2020
Spirit Of Rebellion - Time for Global Refusal

After the drumbeat, the Idiocy Enshrined music and vocals begin with a frantic drive the musical hanging of the Spirit Of Rebellion - Time for Global Refusal album, centering the vocals in the foreground of the musical image. Wrapping around a guitar solo the Act of Rebellion transforms the vocal part, complementing it with more and more new variations of screaming and growling. The Barren Hordes begins with buzzing guitars solo that sets the style for the development of the main motive.
The frenzy of the drum roll sets style of the Unsilenced Inquirer rhythmic musical thriller, chasing musical impetuosity in impetuosity. The Collateral Damages retains the musical drive, but aggravates its rigidity with pulsating rhythm and hardens the vocal part. Keeping the rhythm and haste, the Onstensible Rewards complements the musical image with dancing notes, sometimes breaking into a rapid breakaway.
Transformed by dialogue and argument in the introduction, the Bow to None somewhat pacifies the musical tempo, while remaining, nevertheless, a high-speed musical thriller, crowned with an alternation of screaming and growing vocals. The Black Flame begins with the burdensome twilight march and viscous vocal and musical variations, then accentuating the rhythm of the dark anthem procession.
But the Sovereignty again rushes into the incredible haste of the musical race, pumping up waves of impetuous drive, crowning them with vocal phrases. The Outro concludes the album with an appeal from a preacher who denounces the activities that destroy humanity.