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The world around seems so strange sometimes

September 10, 2020
Sneglefeber - Sneglefeber

Viscous, painful and unhurried music rolls over the atmosphere of gloomy severity. Then the Spawn of Grief vocals with its phrases complement the musical darkness with even more painful motives, calling out to the saddened guitar solos, combined with the musical gloom in a sad procession. Unhurried thoughts begin the Sneglefeber - Sneglefeber album with a leisurely funeral procession.
Rhythmic pulsations of muffled drum rolls continue the introduction of the Fear of the Salt composition with mysterious omens, vaguely and twilight creating more and more mysterious intrigue. But in anticipation of the introduction after the echo of a flying helicopter, the music even more condenses the sound, painfully rolling in unhurried waves of indescribable severity. The vocals enter in muted background whispers, complementing the musical darkness with shades of dark emotion.
The Sneglefeber self-titled song continues a musical story with muted vocal reflections, slowly marching in the hazy twilight of musical mystery, entwining vocal phrases with an obscure twilight of epic motives. Complementing the musical gloom with notes of solemnity, the Stankman track marches to the final of the album, raising the banners of the majestic anthem. The vocal part transforms from a muted growling to an emotional screaming, giving an emotional flavor of musical solemnity.