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The end is sometimes near

April 23, 2023
TheEnd - TheEnd

The chime of the bells in the introduction of the Underground composition creates an intriguing mystery of the twilight atmosphere, then complementing it with the vocals thoughtfulness of the verse, but raising the banners of emotional inspiration of the TheEnd - TheEnd album with the vocals story of the chorus.
After the melodic introduction, the Seasons Out Of Time ballad brings the unhurried narration of the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Enveloping the enchanting softness of the atmosphere of lounge music, the Jordan song combines the main vocals with the background singing in a duet of the vocal part, wrapped in a delicate shawl of musical lace. The Lemon composition continues to sound in a similar style. Beginning the vocal part with a dialogue between male and female vocals, then combining the artistry of keyboard passages with the emotional sensuality of the vocals story.
After a long pause, an alarming siren follows, then a bright sparkling guitar solo begins the musical path of the Spikes On The Trigger song, giving way to the emotional anxiety of vocal experiences in the foreground. Further, the drum roll of the battle march is combined with the artistic mystery of the guitar solo with swelling of oriental motifs in the instrumental bridge preceding the final chorus and the enchanting thoughtfulness of the Stage Of Life (bonus track) final composition that completes the album, enveloping vocal thoughts with a soothing calm of a soft and gentle musical atmosphere.