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Has to be crowned by steel crown

March 12, 2022
Shadows Of Steel - Crown Of Steel

After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the flywheel of the leitmotif of the musical story of the title track of the Shadows Of Steel - Crown Of Steel album gradually and thrillingly unfolds, anticipating the crowning of the musical procession with the vocal inspiration of an artistic keyboard symphony. Powerfully, persistently and militantly, the On The Waves Of Time song drives the foundation of the epic saga, then combines musical motifs and vocal narration in a single musical tale.
The symphonic charm of the introduction sets the artistic way of sounding motifs of fairy tales and legends weaves a lace of musical covers for the narration of the vocal story of the Never Say Goodbye musical tale. The Nightmare composition captivates with the vocal mystery of the introduction, then rolling out a thrilling musical canvas of the main motif before the procession of the vocal narrative.
Weaving a mysterious lace of musical motifs in the introduction, The Light In Your Eyes musical tale then envelops the story of the vocal storyteller in its enchanting covers. The Outsider musical composition, piercing the sound of the leitmotif with its blade, wraps it and its vocal phrases in sparkling threads of symphonic keyboard motifs and enchanting musical echoes.
The chants of battle comrades are woven into the charm of an evening's rest after severe and epic battles around an evening campfire in the sound of the Recall bard ballad. So diverse and varied Cast Away composition sets the album's final point, raising the banners of valiant unity of bard tales, melodic charm, and restrained drive.