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Has this invader came here to enslave all around?

January 08, 2018
Damnation Defaced - Invader from Beyond

Mysterious noise in obscure muffled sounds NIOM: 004D004F0049004E is intriguing at the beginning of the first, followed by vicious vocal phrases in Goddess of Machines verse, enveloped in mysterious instrumental covers, in the chorus becoming sublime in their melodious delights, combined with a vocal duet of clean and growling styles, setting high demands on the rest of the Damnation Defaced - Invader from Beyond album's compositions.
A brief phrase initiates the enchanting unity of progressive musical motifs of the title track Invader from Beyond with a mysterious, sacramental atmosphere of unknown mysteries creating fascinating vagueness and enchanting possible discoveries.
The rapid instrumental motive entangles in vocal phrases, tossing and turning from side to side, indulging in doubts and changes, gathering before the chorus in the concentrated power of the bridge, rising in Mark of Cain chorus together with a vocal to a new level.
The dreamy wave of imaginary illusions and spiritualized by scientific delights uprises in The Observer introduction, giving further musical image to some experiments and scientific research, studying the reactions of others under the influence of some influence.
The Key to Your Voice continues the same theme, giving the vocal part some nervousness, painting bright emotional colors by the guitar and keyboard passages.
Reflections in an obscure fog Rendezvous with Destiny precedes the next composition, asking questions and arguing that they have simple answers that have to be found at any costs! All Comes to Its End develops these thoughts in a sparkling throbbing motif, creating such a fascinating filling of the whole story, I leave due respect to vocal reflections in an unforgettable music stream.
The rapid, demanding unyielding pressure of the Back from Apathy verse raises questions, promptly demanding an answer, raising swift passages, in the chorus a wonderful and majestic melody and vocal vocal phrases answers all of these questions. Experienced vocals set the main direction of the Creator's Fall musical image, which adheres to instructions, rushing into rapid raids in the instrumental parts.
The album ends with an impatient and erratic Embraced by Infinity, changing a lot of images and trying on different musical attire, launching epic tales of pure vocal, complementing them with proud groping phrases and completing the impetuous race of the instrumental cortege. In the instrumental part there appears at all a soft, slightly sad romantic ballad, culminating in the same epic tale.