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Where to go? Wherever we dare - anywhere

January 07, 2018
Speed Limit - Anywhere We Dare

The title track starts the Speed Limit - Anywhere We Dare album, bringing in romance, from time to time sweeping the waves of impetuous drive, but returning to a leisurely version of the average pace again and again.
Wrapping in the thoughtful atmosphere of the introduction, Sober Truth song hints at a romantic ballad, but then the desire for freedom breaks down barriers and is carried away at an average pace to the embodiment of hopes.
Sweet Morphine brings a thirst for rapid drive, the vocal sweeps the emotional passages of its phrases higher and higher, demanding extramarism of all spheres. But meditative reflections in the middle of the song sound against the background of the noise so sensually and romantically that the harsh guitar riffs and guitar solos finish them, like the swing of the executioner's axe!
The more dense and powerful sound of the No More Ace To Play introduction envelops the mind with knights in heavy armor, then embodies the lyrical phrases in verses, supplementing them with deep and dense bridges and choruses.
In the sound of Step Out Of The Line song the vocal takes a dominant position, pulling the parties of other instruments behind their phrases. After the entry, swift passages staggeringly rush into the distance, vocals calms and restrains theit zeal.
A sensual romantic ballad Sign Of The Times continues the album, creating such an exalted mood in thinking about the romantic events of the past and future life.
Rustling and motives from childhood turn the mind to the memories of the days past, but the Good Year For Bad Habits music rises in a rush, dispelling all sorts of memories, gathering them in a single stream of memorable discourses.
Memories of past battles, forgotten exploits and lost glory come to life in Retired Hero memories, in which nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten - under the crimson clouds follows a host of frightening enemies. Where is the hero who will meet and defeat them all?
Starting as the romantic ballad, Bridges sometimes combines lyrical tunes with a mid-tempo march, powerfully raising music and vocals closer to the sun and the attention of fans.
Enthusiastic vocal phrases are overflowing Dealing With Danger with joy and hope, the musical accompaniment shades out this mood and expectations.
Incredibly soft and calm ballad Affinity Of Souls with its romantic epic completes the album.