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Has the whole fauna already been described?

January 07, 2019
Selvans - Faunalia

Epic thoughtful sacrament Ad Malum Finem anticipates further listening to the Selvans - Faunalia album, anticipating the majestic development of further tracks. Notturno Peregrinar in some way hardens the narration and injects a swift drive, invoking fierce screaming vocals. But in the instrumental bridges, the narration calls for vocal thoughtfulness, developing its narration more carefully and calmly. But the explosion of the drive again calls to follow to it. From time to time from an obscure mist, the doubts of female vocals appears.
The symphonic pathos and singing of an enchanting fairy predates the development of the Anna Perenna musical extravaganza with the melodies of church servants. Then the vocal thoughtfully transforms the journey through the city, anticipating the upcoming church services.
After the previous song reflections Magna Mater Maior Mons explodes with so furiously drive, but continues singing clergy. Brief bursts of violent vocal's creaming are shrouded in a fascinating veil of unique symphony.
A furious splash of black metal is intertwined with folklore influences, giving mystery and intrigue to musical narration. But the talk and moaning of female vocals gives the Phersu composition a certain charm. Inspirational and thoughtful Requiem Aprutii symphony slowly and thoughtfully rolls the canvas of the majestic narration, completing the album with majestic impressions and inspiring symphonic notes to further listen to the band.