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Come to us, we will call ... we are sirens

January 06, 2019
Mojo Makers - Songs of the Sirens

Thoughtfully, unhurriedly and insinuatingly, A Hymn to Woodstock begins the Mojo Makers - Songs of the Sirens album, indicating slowness and thoughtfulness of development, inspiring a sublime continuation. Away continues this album with a leisurely pulsation, around which cosmic waves arise from time to time, but the vocals remain in saddened moans.
Pulsating somewhat, Songs of the Sirens vocals exclamations cry for something like - in Jamaica, they are waiting for us!
Claps, inspirations, questions - no, blues inspirations do not accept fuss - Bless My Soul ends occasionally with interrupted heavy blues. I'll Mind You continues the musical narration, slowly and thoughtfully developing the main motive.
Deep, heavy, thoughtful pulsations anticipates the introduction of the You Move Mevocals, which break through grievously and painfully through musical passages.
The playful mood of the vocals and music are intertwined in a fascinating dance, capturing the perception into the One for the Money narration.
Recalling the ancient motives The Pearl Made of Amatyst song calls to the memory of ancestors, juggling with the experiences of eternal memory. Ballad and experiences reject anxiety, You Got Me Blinded alternates memories and goes through impressions. An Apology Song continues these memories with more inspiration, bringing the atmosphere of southern spices. Bright and inspired, Take a Bee precedes the completion of the album, allowing Like a Song to complete an inspired accomplishment.