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Has died - but not exactly

July 03, 2016
Has died - but not exactly

Different poeople in many ways celebrate "Día de Muertos" - someone performs Levantamuerto - Levantamuerto .
Long talks are preparing for the coming events, Yellow King ascends to his throne. The composition replaces your pictures and palette, from a fierce and fast, to slow and melodious. Is King Yellow or Canary King at all?
Sin Cadenas flying on the wings of the accompaniment quickly and sharpful, vocal leads his story carefully and with restraint, but without limits to instrumental agilities. The bridge and chorus vocals briefly enslaved Instruments, further they brings back their rapid skills 'till the end!
Zombies, corpses, and the results of crazy experiments Z1N3 wakes up! Quick, sharp, uncompromising verse with a lyrical break, flies away 'till instrumental part where the bass affects their mantras at all, calling for thoughtful melodic and sublime lyricism. But melodic chakras can't put zombies to sleep - they are going to EAT US ALL!
Powerful rhythmic start of the Asesino Inmortal calls instruments to eize their might and power, voice becomes harsh. After the wrathful rage composition completes with the mysterious and sublime guitar solos!
Bass guitar isn't pulls liberties to rest of band in intro of the Esclavos De La Tecnologia. The main riff penetrates all of the track as the leitmotif, being distracted from it only in the instrumental parts, so as not to overshadow the guitar solo.
Family scandal, cries and hysterical screams of women start No Por Madrugar, continued sharp and rapid musical passages, sometimes breaks to prepare the next breakthrough. But the instrumental ending briefly slows and calms the rage arose, but the guitar solo ends the track so fast and crazy as it can!
Los Ignorados sharp rhythmic jerks in the first part then turns into a rapid spurt of vocals and accompaniment, next that goes ... in the hard tough blues! The track finishes by rollcall between violent jerks and slow power.
The title track Levantamuerto powerfully and thoughtfully, with varying harsh and clean vocals, juggling pace and sound pattern ends the album.