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White snowflakes from dark grey sky

July 04, 2016
Aeon Sable - Hypaerion

In the realm of darkness leads us, we should listen to Aeon Sable - Hypaerion in order to not get lost without a trace.
The mysterious howling wind carries sounds from afar silently and subtly, penetrating through space and time from Hypaerion, the title track of that album. Wakes guitar, complementing scored power gusts of winds by its riffs. Monologue, supported by solidified rhythm section and embittered instruments, completes the composition.
Pacing measured steps, Elysion strolls on the adjacent territories. Quiet and dreamy vocals weaves its sound into accompaniment, not raising himself in a dominant role. Then it adds emotions and its volume increases, the distorted by effect. But this doesn't diminish the sublime and transcendental composition structure as well!
Zealously and nervously takes off Laylah, continues in the same style with the addition of guitars and another shifting guitar riff. Vocalsg brings a touch of sadness into nervous impulsive composition, smoothing sharp guitar jerks by its dreamy sadness. Harsh, but restrained guitar riff pierces entire track by the edge of the leitmotif.
A lively Garden of Light starts, harsh guitar riffs trends entwine all around by their motives. Vocals begins thoughtful and melancholy, getting through a put of sounds enhances the power of adds emotions to its part. In chorus it turns into a brief pece of growling as well. Calm, grief monologue into the end is preparing to see the curtains, but growling ends up ... with a short phrase.
Bass guitar solo opens old story about the main things, a new understanding of the eternal staff and all that means due Of Cats and Mice. Story told us about few colors of cats - it may be black or whit, that can mean a lot, or nothing at all! Pressive, sad melody does not subside, making the short respite between verses, seeks to present the eternal stories about the main things in a new interpretation to all of us, without complicating or appending unnecessary details.
An intriguing entry exalts into clouds, which sheltering the land with White Snow. Dreamy, lyrical ballad appealed to the memory of regular and inconspicuous phenomena which, nevertheless, one of the parts of the world, without which its integrity is inconceivable.
The album closes with the grim saga, started by organ passages and rhythmic and rolling beats of drums. Procession moves slowly, gloom and darkness surrounds it way, covering it by its veil. Then track seals its sounds, feasting upon the fear and despair, powerful and haunting guitar riffs interspersing with ghostly keyboards, vocals only indicates its presence in that kingdom of darkness. At the end of the sound subsides, track leaving us, the entire album ends.