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Hard, might - no use to choose without side

November 11, 2016
Neurosis - Fires Within Fires

Not difficult to understand, but recognize and survive - it is impossible while Neurosis - Fires Within Fires can bіt, just realize that as well!
Pressing, a chilling attention and suppress all thoughts of resistance with enticing guitar riffs and ethereal in its fiction and omens keyboard passages combines in the Bending Light intro. The sudden explosion of rage and power, after a brief lull continues composition, complements instrumental delights with vocals interpretations.
Calm and furious riffs conceals rage and calm expectation of angry misery. All this is shrouded in atmosphere that consists of A Shadow Memory combination of charms and rudeness, anger and joy.
Viscous, thick atmosphere of enslaved consciousness surrounds us within the Fire Is The End Lesson. Then oppressive, discouraging riffs adds to exalted keyboards passages to extolls us up above the daily misery and despair usual. But the burning sadness do not go away and doesn't fades - they return with severe and angry guitar riffs to reminiscent of the invincibility of the difficulties and tribulations.
The sublime and dreamy tunes elevate the thoughts away, to the immutable dreams. But the Broken Ground around us, we see all that any moment. Is why the intensity and gravity do not leave, its shackles impose burdens upon us, forcing to bear this burdens all the essence of us forever and ever!
Ornates with similar to the beetles comes to accession to asign us with the need of Reach for all around. Then casts its sounds in a similar rhythm and style , wrapping and enveloping us with the soporific branches.