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Grim tales from an obscure abyss

December 19, 2021
Opera Diabolicus - Death on a Pale Horse

The gloomy stories of the Listen Everybody monologue with symphonic musical support reveal the stylistic features of the Opera Diabolicus - Death on a Pale Horse album, then develop the sound of such musical variations in the mystery of the sound of the Bring out Your Dead song combining gloomy vocal reflections with bright and sharp howls of high male vocals.
In the music of the Second Coming composition, significant attention is paid to female vocals, from time to time pushing the sound to the forefront. Male vocals dominate the sound of the Siren's Call song, complemented by dark shades of musical support.
Energetically and assertively raising banners of frantic drive, the Darkest Doom on the Brightest of Days composition nevertheless retains melody and artistry. In the sound of A Song of Detestation composition, the singing lady manifests herself very brightly in the acting of the name. The Little Sister song fascinates with mystery and reticence to pampered memories. A special charm to the sound is brought by the tunes of violin melodic variations.
After mysterious and unclear changes, the Night Demon symphony again and again fascinates with mystery and brings gloomy mystery with vocals transformations and bright guitar solos, anticipating the completion of the album in the At Nighttime composition, combining gloomy mysticism with echoes of ancient fairy tales.