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Grief depresses mental and spiritual strength

April 13, 2019
Tomorrowillbeworse - Hiraeth

The muffled female whisper enters the listener into the gloomy limits, shrouding the viscous musical cover of the The Lonely Window song. Then male vocal vocals complement the twilight dark romance of the Tomorrowillbeworse - Hiraeth album with their phrases.
Music throws up the sound waves of dark drive, introducing the introduction of the trends of medium tempo. But then the soft guitar solo envelops with a sad mist of obscure Do I Even Exist ? romance and the vocal returns like a lord, wrapped in the covers of a solemn anthem.
The My Birth in Grief and Ashes dark sacrament with indistinct melodies of a singing lady against the background anticipates grievous reflections, intertwining with the dark veils of medium tempo music, which vocals hold back with their phrases. Tightening the musical accompaniment of the accompaniment, wrapping them with fascinating passages of a guitar solo, which crowns the main motive of the And now call upon your horrors! song as if continuing the previous one with the vocal entry. Acoustic guitar solo of the Death is the Healer intro intrigues about further development, but turns into full of sadness and doom musical image. And vocal phrases are filled with guitar passages filled with dark significance and boundless sadness, creating a kind of dark solemnity. The completion of the album fills the mind with a spirit of solemn significance, anticipating the vocal pastor's sermon with We carry the Fire song's musical passages.