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The ethereal monument is indestructible forever and ever

April 12, 2019
Sh0kran - Ethereal

The mystical symphony and muffled mysterious narrator anticipates the introduction of the Sh0kran - Ethereal album and creates a fascinating epic atmosphere of the sound of the Unbodied composition.
Keeping fascinating melodism, a whirlwind of guitar riffs envelops vocal phrases, and keyboard music delights the Nature of the Paradox musical image. Vocal prefers clean style, occasionally complementing the party, while maintaining the atmosphere of sublime romanticism.
Darkly rolling the dark anthem's musical canvas , dreamy clean phrases and violent harsh alternates in the Shadows vocals.
Inspirational romantic ballad Ascention inspires inspirational heights, vocal phrases sparkle and sparkle in the glare of sunshine. In the final part of the composition in the vocal part, pure, harsh and growling streams are interwoven, creating such a diverse palette of the vocal part with a harsh middle tempo music drive on the background.
The ragged broken rhythm gives some progressive shades, in the music at first the furious stream of impetuous drive dominates, then in the bridge and chorus, clean vocals come to the forefront of the Conquerors musical image.
Sublime keyboard passages create a symphonic sacrament, then the musical lace of the Superior song is fused in a dispute and a competition of a majestic symphony and furious drive.
Fascinating keyboard passages sets the direction of the Golden Pendant main motive, then music envelops vocal reflections with soft and melodic covers, sparkling with keyboard and guitar reflections.
In the title track Ethereal, symphonic influences intertwine with agitated whirlwinds, then the vocal rises in the fierce rigidity of harsh style, but again the dreamy tones of clean vocals comes to the fore.
The vocal phrases intrigue the fascinating inspiration, the Faces Behind the Stars music pulsates with disturbing notes, then the vocal part becomes bitter with angry indignation, but after waves of rage and anger the vocal pacifies with pensive dreams. Epic waves of oriental folklore trends completes the album with the Destiny Crucified composition's breath of thoughtful reflections.