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Graves and hearts are stored securely

November 11, 2019
 Insomnium - Heart Like a Grave

The bewitching grandeur of the keyboard symphony is preceded by the introduction of the Wail of the North vocals by a delightful suite, then enveloping the vocal phrases with the sparkling charm of frosty inspiration. Keeping the melodic path Valediction pumps the waves of severe drive, while preserving the melodic essence of the Insomnium - Heart Like a Grave (Bonus Tracks Version) album. This is especially facilitated by the manifestation of phrases of dreamy clean vocals, complementing growling with fragments of emotional charm.
Inspirational waves of restrained drive roll in an intriguing charm, then the majestic passages of the Neverlast chorus elevates the banners of enchanting melody. Developing melodic sparks in the mysterious dusk of musical mystery in the chorus, the Pale Morning Star composition triumphantly raises the banners of enchanting melodism, further developing them in the guitar's solo, which is incredibly romantic. Carrying an epic tale to an enchanted audition the And Bells They Toll song in the verse pumps the harsh waves of growling, intriguing before the refrain, tossing up dreams of clean vocals.
After dreamy reflections and mesmerizing romanticism, The Offering soars up with a swift stream of introduction, fettering swift musical passages with vocal phrases, preserving the sparkling reflections of frosty charm. Varying the presentation and design of the main motive Mute Is My Sorrow begins with a leisurely guitar fingering, then ascending with a whirlwind of solemn banners and captivating the listener with the charm of its sound, flying away with swirls of rapid drive.
Continuing the flow of rampant drive 1 envelops musical power with the veil of twilight guesses. The introduction of vocals is complemented by symphonic echoes, raising Twilight Trails vocal phrases to the sky-high coverings of the twilight anthem. The title track Heart Like a Grave continues the musical narrative of the album with the inspired sound of an epic ballad, raising the melodic charm to the front edge of the compositional essence of the musical image. The Karelia epic instrumental symphony completes the album, enveloping in the charm of the northern expanses and fascinating with memories of the shadows of past ancestors.
But this release has the bonus part - first, The True Morning Star (bonus) reveals the true essence of the pale moon, then Karelia 2049 (bonus) carries away to the distant future.