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Once other days will come

November 10, 2019
Wrinkles - Other Days

The music rolls the sparkling canvas of the Afternoon song, erecting vocals to the top of the musical image. Inspirational encouraging tunes of the Thunderstorm composition continues the Wrinkles - Other Days album with bewitching motives, escalating the intrigue before the ascension of a vocal monologue.
The pacifying and encouraging Friends musical motifs envelops the pensive vocal reflections with the covers of reliability, mutual understanding and universal support. As the pulsating heartbeat ascends into the introduction, it fades into the background of the musical essence of the ShoresTruckstop Ramble music recedes before the alarmed vocal cries, entwining their doubts and uncertainty with the whirlwind of their passages.
The vocal seeks to break free flight, but the bonds of Some Days musical passages keep its zeal for freedom and will on the path of selected motives. Then vocal reflections will be intertwined in the enchanting dance of the duet, braiding this Tilted Little Man inspiration with lace of musical variations. But the Oscillate song pacifies musical anxieties and doubts with a soft and brooding romance.
Then it even more intensifies the waves of majestic anxiety, rolling into the Total Control introduction with the influences of the lounge and blues, then muffledly and carefully narrating the vocal part. Black Jeans completes the album, weaving a bewitching shawl of light doubts and ghostly hopes.