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Echoes of youth accompany life

November 11, 2019
Winterbourne - Echo Of Youth

The chime of strings braids vocal phrases with bewitching chime, supporting the Revolutionary, Man musical image with confident notes of a bass guitar and crowning with a bewitching symphony of keyboard passages. The exciting tunes of the Better and Take The Golden songs, besides the sound which is very successfully represented by a bright video clip, inspires the continuation of Winterbourne - Echo Of Youth album.
Musical inspiration is intertwined in a single compositional palette with Too Many vocals experiences. Then, fascinatingly weaving a lace of mysterious conjectures and wrapping up a romantic haze of leisurely dreamy reflections the Puzzle song creates an incredibly pacifying atmosphere. Enveloping the intriguing mystery of an acoustic romance, entering exclusively with a vocal monologue Sunday Night then complements the vocal delights with soft and gentle musical symphonies. Daylight continues the bewitching echoes of acoustic romanticism, enveloping vocal phrases with echoes of familiar native places.
But fun and energetically scurry in search of new roles and ways to show The Actors talents. But returning again to the memories of wanderings and adventures the Breaking Out song envelops us with a fascinating country-style atmosphere. The vocal part envelops in a soft shawl of bewitching pacification, then Milkshakes And Denial continues with some trends of religious tunes complete the pacification.
The Colourblind vocals envelops its thoughts with twilight of mystery, raising in the chorus desperate pleas for deliverance from the misfortune that befell. The title track Echo Of Youth completes the album bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image and complementing the instrumental passages with emotions and feelings.