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Someone likes that - another never

July 19, 2017
The W Likes - The W Likes

Fascinating with the mysterious sound of viscous guitar riffs, the vocal phrases of Devil's Window don't prompt answers and solutions; on the contrary, they ask more and more mysteries while begining The W Likes - The W Likes album.
Without obscuring the covers of the gloomy fog, Nice music continues the style of the previous composition, the vocal part builds up the emotional component, rising the vocal's tone. Emotions and feelings bubbles in the cauldron, enveloping each other with new and new combinations of each other.
After thoughtful, sensual and selective ideas, This Time draws a confident, persistent drive into the stream, dispelling the fog of uncertainty and gloomy doubts.
In restrained, cautious vocal phrases and anxious guitar motives, Cometh accumulates energy and inspiration for the explosion of a furious drive at the finish.
The main motif in the dance of his dance captures all In A Mind in the whirlwind of its own sound, not letting attention to break free, forcing focus on its confident procession. In the instrumental part, the howling winds interrupt this dominant musical idea, turning into thoughtful and wise reflections. But a confident procession returns the dominant role, completing the composition along with the mighty winds.
The young and ageless spirit rock "n" roll gives out the misinformation of Rock Is Dead reporting the impossibility and improbability of this.
Keyboards comes to the fore, covering their part with the main role in Adjustments , decorating with precious melody inserts all the sound of the composition, giving some shades of art-rock.
The heavy, gloomy and viscous riff of the Whisper intro completes the album in gloomy, brooding atmosphere, very similar to the sound of the first 2 tracks, paying more attention to the stiff guitar, pensive keyboard parts than the muffled, restrained vocals.