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Gods gives powers, forces, breads... they have to look for their Obsidian Heads!

April 18, 2016
Gods gives powers, forces, breads... they have to look for their Obsidian Heads!

Oriental folk tunes transmitted into mighty powerfull blast of Lamashtu opens the Construct Of Lethe - Corpsegod in his subsequent transgressions occurring in ones minds for another minds.
Thorough minds rebuild continues from the first notes Abandoned To Conflagration, viciously terminates any attempts to change order by equivocal'n'suspicious elements!
Ones said - "no prayer for the dying!" No - for the dying, but for their executioners ther's A Prayer Of Scourges. Fast'n'midtempo prayer flows smoothly from the mouth of the executioners, not prolonging the life of the afflicted and humiliated.
Mystical, mysterious start of Ilu Pagru changed by joins vocals into torn flows 'till scream joins partytime with its harshed rhythms...followed by ritual chants. But ragged growl continues to enslave sound pattern by its powers!
Leisurely, rolling, rhythmic chanting Seven Liers In Wait describes the prolonged waiting, sometimes blasting with powerful crushing sound rifts.
Title track Corpsegod starts with the guitar solo, meaning that the guitar try to resume from surround sound, caged it in their shackles. Vocals joins the cage grates to enslave the guitar strings for its own needs and whims.
Vocals begins Excoriate Icxc from the first seconds - instruments has no chance to brake free from its powerful commandment. No tries! No chances! There's no use to try it!
Mystical mysterious start of Obsidian Godhead refers to the ancient, yet ancient times. Time of Gods, that gave the quests for chosen heroes. Quest lousy? Award filthy? Tear off Obsidian God his head!!! Argh!!!
Wanna dance ?! Get ready in The Incapacitants! Op-pa-pa - deather'style! Powerful drive takes away grief of mind and limb weakness in another dimension, in a parallel reality... just fuck out somewhere! Well, in the end, fatigue and sadness come back and clarify - where they were ?!
Homocide, suicide...what'else'cide? Oh, thats Regicide - if the regime is incorrigible, incurable, ineradicable - so, regi-cide correct solution of that situation! Op-pa-pa - REGICIDE!
What has happened here? The head of the god has grown? Or the heroess were "made in China" ?!Obsidian Godhead [Alt-Lyrics]! Listen to what's heroes and gods about their heads and their cases will tell!