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Gloomy forebodings can create so eerie atmosphere

September 11, 2020
Desolator (SWE) - Sermon of Apathy

A gloomy round dance of a guitar solo envelops the vocal phrases that set the direction for the development of the Desolator (SWE) - Sermon of Apathy concept album. But then the Portal Tomb music picks up a frantic pace, winding musical fury and vocal fury in a single musical stream. But then the music and the guitar solo shroud in the romantic haze of musical darkness, slowing down the musical tempo. However, an explosion of drive follows again.
By pumping waves of mid-tempo musical narration with the guitar solo of intro, the Adversarial Doctrine track then varying the tempo of the musical narration with the vocal intro, constantly changing the tempo and complementing the vocal growling with screaming phrases. The music creates a mystical twilight of the Creatures of Habit epic saga, in which the vocals walk in a mid-tempo pace, wrapping around growling phrases in turns of a guitar solo.
The Methods of Self-deception intro's guitar solo enchants with sophisticated melodism, but the vocals with harsh phrases calls for the cruelty of the musical narration, leaving at first the melodic guitar solo, but rolling in with more powerful guitar passages in the mid-tempo march. But after some acceleration of the musical drive, the vocals again return to the twilight procession of the mid-tempo dark anthem. Twisting a deadly whirlwind of furious drive around the vocal narration The Human Condition does not cross the line of the mid-tempo narration, marching along it without leaving musical impetuosity. But in the chorus, the music freezes in viscous unhurriedness, but then explodes in a stream of unrestrained drive. But the music again returns to a gloomy procession in the epic reverie of vocal phrases, then soaring again in the blade of drive.
After the intro's guitar solo, the Vaticide music again and again transforms the sound, captivating with unexpected transformations and changes in the compositional structure. The Great Law of the Dead ends the album with his characteristic unity of the epic inspiration of the ancient sagas and the transformation of musical essence from a fast-paced musical thriller to a mystical saga.