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Despair virus is constantly looking for victims

September 11, 2020
Self Hypnosis - Contagion Of Despair (EP)

The clanking procession of some mechanical creation culminates in a mesmerizing progressive complexity of musical structure with a guitar solo topped with the charm of keyboard passages. Then this complex and unusual musical canvas paves the way for a vocal narration, which realizes growling in a very peculiar way, then transforms into an incredibly emotional and agitated harsh. Further, the half-title Self Hypnosis - Contagion Of Despair (EP) first album's track music rolls over with viscous waves of painful sophisticated meditation. In the final fragment, even the notes of screaming appear in the vocals. After the viscous burden of musical narration, the guitar solo builds up the anticipation of the drive, crowned with a backdrop of futuristic electronic pulsations.
But then the Empowered composition consists of a dialogue between harsh and growling. The indistinct noise of distant processes creates an intriguing atmosphere of the Omission introduction, then revealing a guitar solo in it. But then the music builds up a gloomy ferocity and the oval brings a fierce nervousness, continuing the dialogue between growling and harsh, on the verge of desperate clean vocals.
The humming drive of the Scandal guitar riffs is complemented by industrial rhythms and growling vocals. But then clean vocals and screaming complement the vocals. The piano solo brings the symphonic charm of classical music, then the vocals weave a dance of doubt and despair with the music, carrying away in the shackles of incredible sadness. But then the symphony comes back again, combining these elements in the final fragment of the composition.
A melodic guitar solo with Leeches instrumental reflections evokes memories of lost opportunities, then complements this mood with a vocal procession of emotional delight of clean vocals and growling phrases in the finale. Walking in a gloomy atmosphere of musical mystery, the Succumbed vocal part closes the album with dominant clear vocals filled with doubt and despair, sometimes supplemented by growling.