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Giving alms by all means

December 25, 2021
Hypocrisy - Worship

After the brooding romanticism of the acoustic guitar solo, the musical variations of the intro create a charm in which the swift whirl of the musical extravaganza of the Hypocrisy - Worship album's title track breaks through. After the artistic meditations of the intro, the Chemical Whore song enchants with a solemn procession of epic anthems, enchanting with the significance and grandeur of the musical sound.
Insistent, unyielding and militant, the Greedy Bastards track pulses with waves of rebellious drive, pulsating together with vocal indignation. The Dead World furious musical assault explodes at once with whirlwinds of deadly dance, but then the vocal part calls for reflection, taking us to posts of doubt, returning to the swiftness of musical fury in the chorus.
The dusky procession of the cursed and undead bearers of the smoldering banners is embodied in the majestic procession of the We're the Walking Dead dark anthem. Rhythmically and assertively accentuating the dense and rigid heartbeat of the musical procession, the Brotherhood of the Serpent battle march complements this pressure with a sometimes enigmatic melodicism. The music and vocals of the Children of the Gray song enthrall in a joint uplifting and enchanting musical artistry.
Insistence, the Another Day furious whirlwind of restless and unrestrained drive rushes in a swift whirlwind of deadly dance. The They Will Arrive track somewhat calms down the speed of the musical flow, but pulsates with the dense and rhythmic heartbeat of a stern battle march. The Bug in the Net brooding and twilight ballad wraps mysterious vocal meditations in a veil of vague, dreamy mystery. The Gods of the Underground song closes the album by sticking to the path of the chosen leitmotif and combining harsh tough drive, rebelliousness and the charm of melodic artistry.