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Let us get ready for the worst

January 01, 2022
Too Much Joy -  Moar Misteaks

The inspirational vocal proclamations of the Ready song opens the way for the procession of the music of the Too Much Joy - Moar Misteaks album with inspiration and hopeful insights. The sparkling inspiration of the In Your Car, In the Dark song's musical sound wraps the vocal reflections in a shroud of romantic haze and echoes of sensual melodic variations.
Mystical echoes of ancient legends and fairy tales are combined with the game inspiration of the vocal narration and sound of the Hey Merlin! musical tale. The New Memories, Pt. 2 composition enters with rhythmic rebellion, giving energetic and vaulted atmosphere to the sound, somewhat pacifying it with vocal reflections of the verse, but in the refrain again returning to inspired insistence.
The vocal narrative of the Plain song betrays memories, from which it builds the structure of the path to the future. The bright guitar solo of the introduction is the basis for the Mystery Limousine leitmotif, which creates the basis for sensual and trembling vocal reflections.
The Glory of Badminton song rises over the clouds of ordinariness into a sparkling extravaganza of sunshine from above. The vocal proclamation predetermines the sound of the Death Ray Machine final composition of the album.