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Ghosts of ruins covers the background of all empires

August 22, 2018
Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin

Beginning Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin album with an intricate intertwining of symphonism and melodic trends, Cloak of Lies wonders a wonderful lace of melodic performings. Silhouette Usurper continues these trends, supplementing the album with its sound, full of unrestrained drive.
The keynote of the album remains, but Scarecrow and Spectre changes the rhythmic structure, reinterpreting it somewhat differently.
Continuing in the verse laid down thoughts Phantom I Am in the chorus reflects on the changes in the air, wrapped in melodic reflections. Weaving together Mist of Ruin and Temple of Leviathan, sorting out a variety of guitar and vocal parts, weaving them together in a charming sound! Keeping density and confidence Famine Angel condenses sound? bright and delightfully exalted in the instrumental bridges. Dense, tightly confident and with a touch of the program Crescent Aberration will be heard by many of us!
Severely, tightly and rigidly Husk completes the album, discarding any variations in sound.