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Everything can be broken if necessary

August 23, 2018
Corpus Delicti - Break Everything

A fascinating whirlwind of proud passages of the main motive is immediately apparent to the introduction, then the title track begins the Corpus Delicti - Break Everything album with such a versatile combination of unrestrained drive in verses and thoughtful reflections with a pulsing march against the background in choruses. The instrumental part even more vividly demonstrates the unity of such contrasts.
Keeping inherent in the genre drive and energy, Rising Darkness is moving to the direction of epic tales, combining the majestic legend with rampant instrumental fury, preserving, however, the fabulous shades of the composition structure.
Legends and tales are replaced by sirens, the chirrup of machinegun's bursts, preserving the majestic musical melody, creating a fascinating Chaos Preyailing atmosphere for military battles. Vocal begins with a proud anthem, transforming the composition into a pulsating march. Then the instrumental bridge is carried away in the impetuous flow of drive, returning to a significant dance around the vocal reflections.
The melodic flow of the main motive captures, envelops the influence of folklore elements, but the vocals complement the energetic dance, in which the most important is to Chose Your Grave for their dance practices.
Like putting together the stylistics of the two previous compositions, Blinded by Rage puts aside tales and legends, chronicles and chronicles - setting priorities very clearly and confidently. Guitar solo in the instrumental part rises above the ordinary stuff, enveloping everything around with enchanting motives and impressions.
Starting with the spicy spirit of oriental motifs with the connection of vocal War is carried away in the hot whirlwind of unrestrained passages, the vocal breaks the musical picture with sharp and harsh phrases. But fairy tales and legends are not lost and do not crumble to dust, only remain in the memory of generations - incarnating in a very diverse and versatile Inquisition composition, which breaks the album like the title track - combining violent and tough couplets with a charming ballad in the chorus. But the ending of the composition after the whistling and folkloric tunes at all returns an energetic flow of unrestrained punk.