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Get ready for subsequent instructions, the adept of the mind

December 20, 2017
Foredoomed - Ordeal

A sensual, soft and melodic symphony Origin that unites romantic melodies with pensive phrases of the vocal duo starts the Foredoomed - Ordeal album with a lyrical atmosphere, which in the next composition Ghost Recurrence is complemented by the fury of the growling in the vocals, however, remaining still so charmingly melodic. But over time, dreamy phrases of clean vocals and ornate progressive musical turns adds even more interesting ideas.
Power and drive of the Undawning song have enveloped in proud, inspirational melodies, clean vocal introduces waves of epic legends about legendary heroes, growling vocals complements the musical image with power and rage.
The Search for Tomorrow composition structure combines classic, unforgettable melodies with symphonic guitar parts with a swift drive that carries glittering charming melodies into the distance. In the instrumental part, the symphony is even more admirable. Final dreamy phrases of clean vocals are shrouded in inspiring passages of keyboards and guitars.
Beginning as a calm lyrical ballad Dualism then gets triumphal power, in a valorous saga revealing a comprehensively epic legend, manifested in the introduction.
A wise, experienced instructor, confident in his teachings in a romantic ballad, instructs his disciples before the Departure to hint them before the upcoming battles and trials.
Recreating viscous gloomy melody in progressive mood My Epigraph in Woe complements the vocals by the growling vocals of this disturbing musical hypostasis, then the clean vocal introduces the banner of hope.
Complex instrumental parts, vivid melodism creates a mysterious musical picture Shade of the Darker Sun, vocals from the introduction using growling bring a wave of drive, but then clean vocals again brings back mysterious and delightful motives of a progressive nature.
The title track Ordeal continues these progressive exercises, giving due power and drive in a bright and proud melody. The vocal is dominated by a growling, which sounds more diverse than in previous compositions. Then the delicate sensual musical fragment envelops the romantic atmosphere, invoking clean vocal, but first mysteriously complicating the rhythmic structure, achieving an incredible progressive sound.