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Titanic monolith can be created only by the unity of innumerable particles

December 19, 2017
Dynazty - Titanic Mass

Mysterious fog in The Human Paradox introduction gives way to a powerful pulsating drive, over which the key notes sparkles, as if creating a dome of the protective field from cosmic rays that destroy honor and conscience, starting the Dynazty - Titanic Mass album in rapid strokes, ending with symphonic chorals and melodic twists.
Bright and impetuous drive is combined with emotional vocal phrases and majestic symphonic keyboards in the composition of Untamer Of Your Soul song.
The keyboards part introduces the trend of modern electronic musical ideas, then comes back to romance of old times, vocal and guitar parts link this variety, creating Roar Of The Underdog composition as the unite musical canvas. Pulsing drumm solo starts the title track Titanic Mass as majestic prideful march of valorous troops, which carries on the banners of their heroic troops waving flags keyboard passages and complement the procession chant grateful peoples.
The notes of majestic motives and lofty desires Keys To Paradise are bathing in the rays of sunlight, but then in a swift race are carried to imaginary well-being, not wanting to stop at the achieved benefits and graces.
The majestic and self-sufficient composition I Want To Live Forever reflects what blessings and graces were missing in the previous song, what is worth sacrifices, prayers and feats.
Warming up in the entry, adding to music artistic and progressive moments after it enveloping The Beast Inside vocals chants with keyboards delights next carried away in a swift race, throwing musical coins inherent to power metal in band's music piggy bank. The ornate and multifaceted musical scene Break Into The Wild complements the complex and changeable vocal parts, embracing it with its brooding passages and creating a holistic picture of their many diverse shades.
A bright Crack In The Shell introduction is marked by a powerful background passage, rushing to new limits, capturing the reins of the main motive, then merging with the melody entering into a single rush, rushing into the race to an exciting chorus.
Free Man's Anthem captures the charm of the previous composition to a new level, confidently exalting honor and conscience above all, taking them away in rapid passages, over which sparkling vortices are shimmering with sparkling keyboards passages.
Softly and lyrically romantic grand ballad The Smoking Gun develops into a solemn and significant musical picture, completing the album with waves of infallible inspiration and majestic delights.