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Frosty charm of the northern expanse weaves ice lace

March 27, 2020
Orm - Ir

The Klippens Lyse Hal intro unfolds musical canvas so gently, mesmerizing and mysteriously, patching the sparkling surface of the ice cover with a guitar solo, but then the Orm - Ir album's musical narration explodes with a stream of rampant dive, breaking through the frosty expanse of the deadly dance of sparkling blades, tearing the cold-covered essence of the snowy expanse with fierce winds and frantic expanse . With the introduction of vocals, fusing the phrases of screaming and growling together in their part, the music slows down a little to the significance of the mid-tempo march, but again rushes into a furious assault in the instrumental bridge, at first complementing this jerk with vocal phrases, but then retreating with the vocal part before the pressure of the instrumental onslaught. But the soft chime of guitar strings brings to the musical essence of the composition the influences of a thoughtful bardic saga, then retreating in front of the musical power of a furious drive, rising first with a significant anthem to valiant ancestors. Then the variations of this alternation are repeated again and again.
The gentle chime of the romantic tale of an acoustic guitar solo enters a leisurely procession of ghostly echoes of past feats, then exploding in a wave of unbridled drive that lifts the unity of screaming and growling on the crest of a musical buffalo. The instrumental passages of the bridge bring some trends of doubt and uncertainty, but they are pressed by a stream of militant rage, again rolling in waves of warlike drive, dragging sharp blades and the heat of a fierce battle into the deadly dance. After that, the final composition of the album (although it is somewhat strange to separate the composition of the album into the first and last - this release is a dilogy of tracks) Baer Solen Ud is converted into variations of the heroic saga, displaying different points of view on the essence of the war anthem.