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Kaleidoscope of colors sparkles like a sacrament

March 27, 2020
Nonberk - Nonberk

Viscous and tight Amethyst song's sound slowly and thoughtfully begins the musical narration of the Nonberk - Nonberk album, enveloping vocal revelations with the twilight mystery of musical passages. Then the gloomy fog of the Change intro pumps an even more twilight atmosphere, enveloping vocal phrases whirlwinds of obscure ghostly signs. but the vocal part raises banners of hope that recedes before the brooding doubts of instrumental bridges.
Rhythmic Indolent procession in the style of hard blues continues the album. The vocal part is initially vague echoes on a musical background. But then the musical narration is surrounded by a vocal duet on both sides. Concluding with a tight march, the song bodes the sound of the next song Down, in which a viscous rhythmic procession of musical passages crowned with emotional phrases of the vocal part.
Combining the sound of a tribute to the traditions of rock'n'roll Wildfire again first leaves the vocals in the background of a musical image, then lifting him to the top of the musical waves. The rhythmic pulsations of the main motive interweave the anticipation of sound Patience compositions that bring some shades of the doom metal music.
The rhythmic pulsations of the Light main motive at first leisurely elevates vocal phrases to the top of the musical narration, but in the final fragment of the composition everyone accelerates the pace with their whirls. Intensifying the painful anticipation of intro, Copacetic then swirls inspirational vocal phrases with musical swirls.
Carrying musical passages vocal experiences in which emotions add some bitterness to the surface of the Red musical stream. Crestfallen Rapture concludes the album with a thoughtful atmosphere in which sparkling laces of inspiration alternate with unhurried pacified meditations.