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Get ready for the final battle

March 26, 2020
Wotan (ITA, Milan) - The Last Battle

The furious buzz of guitar passages entwine the angry cries of the Drink In The Skull Of Your Father vocals phrases, combining with them in a single trend of a musical thriller. The epic unity of Mother Forest keyboard variations continues the Wotan (ITA, Milan) - The Last Battle release, uniting all the group’s creativity with an inspired and sensual ballad.
Rage, power and sensibility are intertwined in musical variations of the Dark Centuries track. Bringing the vocal part to the front edge of the musical image Ride Of Templars further complements and crowns vocal reflections with vortices of musical passages. Leo growls, escalating the painful meditation of a dense musical drive, marching with vocal reflections in the Spartacus viscous narrative of musical musings.
The viscous and pensive Goyatla (The Last Battle) musical canvas of the entry complements the rhythmic pulsations, marching with a pensive mid-tempo march. ITHACA continues the heavy musical musings with an even deeper and broader atmosphere. But then the musical passages are rolling with medium-tempo pulsations.
Again and again emphasizing the name Lord Of The Wind flies in the rampant flight of a rioting drive. A pulsating march pumps a rhythmic heartbeat, crowning the crests of The Lone Wolf musical waves with vocal phrases. The majestic procession of the Black Conqueror gloomy anthem completes this release with the aura of significance.