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From the ruins ... chronicles and tales once upon a time appears

November 16, 2019
Kosmokrator (KSMKRTR) - Through Ruin... Behold

Starting the Kosmokrator (KSMKRTR) - Through Ruin... Behold album with gloomy reflections, The Push Towards Daath envelops vocal phrases alternating muted screaming with emotional appeals, a gloomy atmosphere, then rushing into a restrained race of pulsating variations of rhythmic lace.
Weaving the irresistible dusk of the main motive, the Ruins composition music confuses the listener, dragging him into the abyss of despair and fear, complementing the horror experienced by the characters of the story with vague vocal phrases. Forcing gloomy waves Irreversible Pathways carries away thoughts and forebodings to frightening mystical expectations, displaying sometimes magnificent musical delights in the finale of vocal phrases. Shady and mysteriously, music and vocals erect a ghostly fog into the I Am The Utterance Of My Name introduction, then exploding with the power of a furious drive, but transforming into a majestic narrative of a dark anthem.
Band's self-titled song Kosmokratoras I - In His Name Shineth The Sun begins with an obscure whisper and distant eastern tunes, continuing with the harsh procession of a significant march, inspiring with its majestic banners to keen listening. But the introduction of vocals accelerates the pace, however, the music compresses the sound again to a leisurely procession.
Spicy influences of oriental echoes surround a whirlwind of obscure ghostly premonitions, lifting dark banners of the Nathir dark anthem, pulsating around the appeals of the main vocals with tunes of wheezing adherents. Gestorben Muss Sein completes the album, preserving the atmosphere of gloomy majesty, but the introduction of vocals brings a stream of energetic drive that weaves twilight and demonic rage. The chirp of the fire and the charming tunes of the singing lady are bewitching, but the heat of the fire and the rumble of destruction drown out the charm of female vocals.