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Any trials suggests redemption

November 16, 2019
A Young Man's Funeral - Redemption

Musical motifs filled with sadness and sorrow elevate the despair emanating from the saddened crying female vocals, raising the banners of despair to the head of the narrative of the A Young Man's Funeral - Redemption album, marching through a funeral procession of the Ghost of departed hopes. Preserving the atmosphere of saddened thoughts, Inside Lonely Room brings into the musical coverings the trends of thoughtful romanticism, entwining the listener with lace of ghostly conjectures and raising the phantom of hope to the forefront of the musical image. Thoughtful motives leisurely shrouded in a mysterious mystery, pulsating with string notes of intro, then intertwined with vocal reflections in a leisurely dance. But the vocal lifts a cry of incredible despair, emphasizing in the finale of the chorus the It's Over title again and again.
Gently and naturally rolling with thoughtful musical passages, Black Birds creates a mesmerizing union of despair and an encouraging glow, suggesting different meanings. The title composition Redemption dispels sadness and despair, giving an encouraging atmosphere and erecting ghostly halls of imaginary hopes. Concluding the album with sophisticated calm Soar Alone on Strong Sedative inspires rethinking past tests, gently and sensitively experiencing again and again experienced adversity. In some fragments, female vocals recedes before a rich and deep growling.