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November 15, 2019
Hawkwind (Hawkwind Light Orchestra) - All Aboard The Skylark

Pumping up the pulsating trends of restrained drive, Flesh Fondue begins the narrative of the Hawkwind (Hawkwind Light Orchestra) - All Aboard The Skylarkconcept album revealing features and sharing the secrets of interstellar travel. The composition is completed by the mention that this is a favorite dish of one of the main characters! Slowly and mysteriously Nets Of Space reveals some mysterious veils, introducing into the sound some echoes of spicy oriental motifs.
The acoustic ballad complements with echoes of significance and veils of responsibility of the Last Man On Earth reflections, who realizes that honor and memories of the whole human species depend on his deeds. We Are Not Dead...Only Sleeping continues soft romantic reflections, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical narrative, enveloping the phrases with pensive covers of a soft lounge. Fascinating instrumental improvisations All Aboard The Skylark, progressively and artistically introducing shades of jazz and unique eccentricity to the album music are transformed by 65 Million Years Ago artistic memories, very fascinatingly interweaving muffled vocal narration and pulsating keyboard inspirations.
The mysterious and cryptic keyboard symphony In The Beginning, inspired by cosmic echoes, serves as the introduction to the final part of the album, in which first instrumental suite The Road To... combines several musical styles and genres in a bewitching pacification, as if transferring the listener to the pacification of the space lounge bar. Then The Fantasy of Faldum completes the album, embodying in its sound an epic lace of unity, many styles - country style trends are intertwined with cosmic appeals, vocal phrases are hopped with styles and genres in their varied experiences.