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From the prophecies and predictions emanation comes

November 05, 2018
Sinsaenum - Repulsion For Humanity

Title track starts the Sinsaenum - Repulsion For Humanity album with an important and significant intro riff, then carried off in a rampant drive of a couplet. The chorus returns the intro style, the elevation of which complements the instrumental solo.
The musical congregation continues with the lush musical cover of the majestic Final Resolve anthem, rolling out the scrolls of its narration unhurriedly and majestically.
Vanity and haste stand aside, the grim narrations of the sinister sage precede the middle tempo composition Sworn To Hell based on the emphasis of the main motive.
Even more compacting the narration, vocals subdue the streams of musical narration to their aspirations, sometimes replacing the severe growling with dreamy reasoning of pure vocals. The inspired melodiousness of a guitar solo in instrumental bridges and solo part deserves special attention in this I Stand Alone exciting ballad.
Guitars returns the dominant position in the Rise Of The Light Bearer musical image, complementing the album with mystical twilight and drive waves, however, not exceeding the average tempo and returning to mystical reflections in instrumental parts. But before completing the composition, the guitars are carried away in a swift solo, anticipating the final chorus.
Developing in the gloomy haze of the twilight narration, Manifestation Of Ignorance reveals a leisurely narration, creating the mystery of the mysterious background enveloping the vocal fabrications weaving together a deep growling with ghostly shades. But then the vocals and musical passages whip up an impetuous wave of dark drive, sweeping away any obstacles from its path. But completing the composition is just as painful thoughts as in the introduction, only transforming the vocals in the screaming direction.
Shooting a wave drive Sacred Martyr is transformed into a rhythmic mid-temperature march, powerfully and confidently driving in piles of its path. Then the swiftness transforms the sound of the composition in anticipation of the instrumental solo. But the guitar solo returns to the mid-tempo march in the final part of the composition.
Distant winds is invoking the epic My Swan Song intro, evoking the atmosphere of fairytale legends. Then the vocal rolls out the mid-tempo narrative canvas, confidently and deliberately announcing the legend, dominating the accompaniment, which complements the composition with majestic passages in instrumental bridges.
The muted reflections of the wanderer merge with the mysterious musical accompaniment of the Nuit Noire song, which turns into an epic composition, carried away by a rapid flow of bright drive through the impenetrable surrounding gloom. Insects immediately explodes with a powerful and impetuous drive, through which the guitar solo of the introduction rises, then the vocal complements it with harsh and harsh phrases, occasionally dying off in wise reasoning.
The last composition of the album Forsaken builds a castle of majestic symphony, starting with a fabulous narration in mysterious shades of mysterious conjectures interlacing in lace of imaginary symbols and obscure conjectures. The composition and the whole album ends with a fascinating instrumental suite.