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Black or white side - as the light falls

November 04, 2018
Marcus Miller - Laid Black

The bass guitar begins with thoughtful influences Trip Trap intro of the Marcus Miller - Laid Black album, then the guitar complements the sound with playful notes, but the orchestra brings majesty to the sound, muted vocal phrases complement the significance of these parts, but the guitar returns the composition to the limits of the main motive. But the bass guitar argues with this mood, returning to the forefront of the sound in his solo.
Acoustic guitar sets the romantic mood of the Que Sera Sera intro, bass guitar supports this ballad sound, a charming vocalist with a charming accompaniment. then the fellow vocalists join with vocals to create a general image of the composition. The bass guitar finds its part then the guitars seem to enter the competition for the foreground sound, but the bass guitar does not allow you to push yourself to the sound of the 7-T's track, again and again standing out in a very interesting and unforgettable solo. But the trumpet gives out its solo, interfering with the rivalry of the guitar and standing out against their background. Then these instruments are woven into lace of enchanting music.
Mysterious background leads mystical twilight, as if the bass guitar seeks to escape from Sublimity "Bunny unclear limits, but the piano complements the fairy-tale image, then the vocals add even more epic shades to this spellbinding epic narrative.
The ingratiating mystery envelops the sound of Untamed unsolved mystery, intriguing the listener with options for the development of musical ideas.
A playful and fascinating No Limit beginning envelops the mind with anticipation of entertainment. But then again and again the composition is transformed - what is a dramatic change that transformed the sound with the improvisation of a piano that breaks into the general sound, leaving a lasting impression.
Fascinating Someone To Love romance envelops with incredible calm, music and vocals interlace in a pacifying dance, circling a sparkling flash in the sparkle of pleasant memories.
Keep 'Em Runnin combines the classic of jazz with the spirit of rap vocals recitative, combining eras and genres together in a common musical potion.
But the classic of jazz completes the album with an incredibly pacifying lounge atmosphere, which dispels sadness and adversity - as if Preacher's Kid says that all of the troubles were infinitely meaningless and completely unimportant.