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The boundaries of imaginary illusions are invisible and unclear

November 06, 2018
Opus Arise - Invisible Walls

The celebration of charming symphonism and such diverse variations and interweaving of rebellious drive and majestic classical motifs Opus Arise - Invisible Walls begins with a demonstration of all the mentioned features. Then the first composition of the album To Stand The Test Of Time changes from extremes - first rolling waves of rebellious drive, then enveloping the mind and consciousness with enchanting romantic suites. But sometimes these contrasting streams unite in a fascinating musical lace, anticipating the influence of the folklore epos.
Mysterious motifs of the next composition Escape From Zebes insinuatingly continue the sound of the album, continuing the anticipating alarming passages in danger. But sad passages envelop in a wave of regretful romance, developing in a veil of thoughtful reflections. A bass guitar solo anticipates the beginning of a dangerous adventure, sometimes marching with various marches, then sweeping away the calm with a furious drive. Again, the bass guitar changes the sound of the composition - anticipating progressive inclusions of jazz shades and romantic violin passages of a psychedelic nature.
Mysterious anticipations develop in a complex and fascinating epic manner, as if a cautious scout examines and studies the situation, first indulging in ecstatic impressions, but then anticipating other ways of development of the situation changes the perception of the situation, changing the style and sound of the musical image. Such a diverse Legend Of The Gunstars track continues the musical variations, interweaving the trends of many genres and styles, weaving from them a fascinating lace of progressive musical composition.
Dark ghosts soars around the axis of the Dancing Mad main motive with dark vortexes, then the sound is transformed by a competition of brooding symphonic melodies and a stream of fierce drive, but then the harsh and heavy musical component alternates and transforms into versatile musical changes, completing such a diverse album, which leaves more and more new impressions over and over again.